A Year of Humiliation

Title : A Year of Humiliation
Release Date : 31 Agustus 2018

Collective Shoes Joined Forces with Vvachri on Multi Genre EP “A Year of Humiliation”
A split EP has to contain the same genre? Said who? That’s exactly the message we got from the joint collaboration from Collective Shoes and Vvachrri. Collective Shoes are a punk rock unit based in Tangerang consisting of Adyt, Sani, Dimas, Iam and Ucup that spurt out some energetic tunes in this record. Whie Vvachrri, who are now a band instead of solo, is in charge for giving us the more sentimental and moody tunes to fill the emptiness in the core of our hearts *sob*. They are going to release their joint effort on an EP called “A Year of Humiliation” on July 1st . This is done in conjunction with the world’s joke day that falls on that aforementioned date. Ironically enough, they said that this project is not a joke though.

The EP contains four tracks which are “The Wrestler”, “Skate In San Diego”, “The Crier” and at last “Kaleidoscope”. These four songs have correlations within one another and create a plot that starts from the first track until the last. The first two tracks are sport-themed chronicling a struggle which end up with no good result. It then resulted in a series of crying and sobbing as told on third single by Vvachri “The Crier”. The closing track “Kaleidoscope” talks about disappointment that stems from previous efforts. It is said that the writer was still disappointed when he wrote that. So, to make them less upset and angry, check out the new EP which has been released digitally on Collective Shoes’ Bandcamp today on 29 May 2018. We are aware that they originally insisted the album as a July 1st release, but let’s take it as a good sign that these guys are confident enough to put out their materials now (although they maybe are not).

Along with this digital release, Collective Shoes also invite you to watch their music video for “Kaleidoscope”. The visual consists the band jumping around and pouring their hearts out on a studio session. Listen to the whole album here. While you’re at it, follow Collective Shoes and Vvachrri on their social media so they feel less lonely.

Brain Conflicts (EP)

Title : Brain Conflicts (EP)
Release Date : 1 Juli 2017


Setelah berdiri selama kurang lebih 2 tahun, Collective Shoes akan merilis EP pertamanya yang bertajuk “Brain Conflicts” pada bulan Juli tahun ini. Berisi lima tracks dari materi-materi yang telah mereka rekam sejak tahun lalu, tajuk “Brain Conflicts” dipilih untuk merepresentasikan bagaimana masing-masing dari kelima track tersebut berasal dari masalah-masalah yang menyelimuti kami dan jalan penyelesaiannya adalah dituangkan dalam kelima tracks tersebut.
Brain Conflicts dalam track-track nya bisa dibilang tidak terpaku pada genre awal yang diusung Collective Shoes, pada dasarnya mereka menulis lagu yang mereka inginkan dan yang dirasa paling pas untuk ‘mewakili’ setiap track nya. Seperti apa track-track yang mereka maksud? Nantikan perilisannya pada 1 Juli 2017

I Couldn’t Afford to Buy You a Chocolate

Title : I Couldn’t Afford to Buy You a Chocolate
Release Date : 8 Agustus 2016


Collective Shoes dalam menyambut hari valentine tahun ini diungkapkan dengan mengeluarkan single pertama mereka yang bertajuk “ I Couldn’t Afford to Buy You a Chocolate ” single pertama mereka menceritakan tentang perasaan dilema seseorang dalam menghadapi hari valentine, apakah ia akan membelikan coklat untuk orang terkasihnya atau mungkin mengajaknya dalam sebuah dinner romantis di tepi pantai? Sayangnya tidak satupun dari dua hal diatas yang ia lakukan, lalu apa ? dengarkan single mereka!

Single pertama mereka rencanya akan masuk dalam dalam deretan track-track lainnya yang akan dirilis dalam format mini album, tunggu segera.
Collective Shoes berangkat dari ide kreatif Adit (Vokal) untuk membawakan sebuah lagu yang pada menceritakan pada umumnya dilema, kegundahan, konflik batin yang dialami oleh remaja pada umumnya namun mereka mencoba meraciknya dengan sebuah sentuhan yang belum pernah anda rasakan sebelumya diperkuat dengan lineup Dimas (Gitar), Sani (Bass), dan Iam (Drum) Collective Shoes akan memberikan getaran sesungguhnya dari racikan materi mereka.


Been tearing all these bricks to my head and I felt no pain
Because my life is already painful, it made me used to it
Forever wishing this pathetic life to end and wake up in relief knowing all the shit ive been through was just a dream

But I just torn my skull
Made one hell of a hole
It was all real and not a dream
Look at my phone screen
It says february 14th
I think of you
I think about something romantic

About to go to candy shop
But i just realize that im way too fucking broke
(way too fucking broke)
Because I spent all of my money on cigarettes, punk records, drinks and prostitutes